Montecatini Terme, 26 April 2023 – Ten days before the start of the Giro d’Italia, Team corratec welcomes a new partner, Guild Siena, who will accompany the team directed by Serge Parsani for the rest of the season.

Guild Siena is a new model for third age communities, created in collaboration between Guild Living and Specht Group Italia. This partnership, which brings together a team of global experts in the field of senior citizenship and longevity, has realised a project aimed at offering a new way of living the mature age in Italy

The one between Guild Siena and Team corratec is a partnership that links the Third Age to youth with a common passion, cycling.

At the presentation event of the Guild Siena project, attended by our Sports Director Francesco Frassi and riders Alessandro Iacchi, Veljko Stojnic and Nicolas Tivani, the link between the group and Tuscany was emphasised with a long-term project that will see us involved through a number of initiatives.

One of these will be the creation of a ‘Senior corratec Team’ for two-wheels enthusiasts over 65 who will train in the company of the team’s professional athletes, thus developing a synergic relationship between the residents of Guild Siena and the athletes who will frequent the facility.

Francesco Frassi, Sports Director of Team corratec: 
“From a point of view that is not only sporting, it is nice to see the interest of Guild Siena, a company that deals with activities for the elderly, in our team, made up for the most part of under 25 riders. Guild Siena stands for innovation and efficiency, the same qualities with which we want our team to grow. This partnership can bring many benefits and we are ready to build a synergy on the roads of the world.”

Eugene Marchese, Partner of Guild Siena: “We are very happy to be able to support this team of young athletes. Athletes are synonymous with healthy living and motivation to pursue goals in cultivating deep passions, all basic prerequisites in longevity paths. The possibility of these professionals becoming an integral part of our community by creating a fruitful synergy between different generations is truly exciting, and responds to the principle of longevity, which is not something you achieve as an elderly person but something you start building from a young age.”

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